11 UNIQUE Amazon Gift Ideas

UNIQUE Amazon Gift Ideas

11 UNIQUE Amazon Gift Ideas Show at below :

Happy holidays i am so glad that you’re here this took a while to put together but i am so excited these are all very unique thoughtful gift ideas,

That are under a hundred dollars all from amazon so even if you’re watching this last minute and you need a gift like by the end of the week that’s like one of the best things about amazon is it’s okay you’ll get it and also a lot of these gifts would even work for like a birthday gift or something like that too so that’s awesome um and like always,

You want to make sure to stay tuned till the end because i’m sharing like all different categories throughout this idea some a little bit more uh to like home decor people some to just specifically women some for like everyday unique items it’s gonna be so good so grab a cup of hot coffee hot chocolate hot chocolate’s what i would drink if i wasn’t talking um and let’s get started starting off with this  

1.popcorn maker i’ve shared this on tick-tock and it went like you guys loved it um and i don’t think i’ve ever shared it here on youtube but it’s a popcorn maker it’s a silicone like little container and um comes with a lid but then really nice thing about it is it’s like compact so it stores really easily but what i love about it is obviously you can make like different types of popcorn in it but it’s less processed

so what i do is i’ll just put some popcorn kernels in it some oil sometimes i’ll add a little bit of sugar or like maple syrup or something to it if i want something sweeter you just stick it in the microwave like this for like two minutes and then you have like the perfectly cooked popcorn so this is a really great family gift idea next up is this sedona house fleece leopard


2.blanket oh my word a lot of the items i’ll just have like pop up here on the screen just as like a little clip over um but this material is so soft it’s such a good barefoot dreams blanket dupe.

i know this specific brand also has a white one which i think is the one that we have up in our couch it’s like king size and we use it every single day next up is going to be these

3.soy wax candles by the sweetwater decor brand i’ve shared these before they are amazing and what i love about them is they’re hand poured they’re made with soy wax so soy candles are actually made with soy beans which makes them a more safe and natural alternative they’re renewable and biodegradable

and the soy wax actually burns at like a cooler temperature which in the end makes the candle last longer so even though they’re a little bit smaller they’re just going to be better overall and they’re going to last longer because of the soy wax these are so good they come in

4.socks sets off of amazon super affordable amazing reviews which i know why they have a moisturizing like gel in the corner of the sock i like these ones where it’s just like over your ankle and i think someone would just love this gift it’s so unique um but it’s literally like you’re having a spa you wake up like

i will put these on really dry cracked heels i know it’s hereditary it’s a thing it’s life and i’ll put this on wake up and literally my heels are soft it’s amazing and i throw these in the washing machine so they are like they’re gonna last more than just like a week which is another huge bonus this next item

5.LED set is super fun and unique i think um i haven’t really heard many people talk about this but apparently it’s more of a popular thing now this is an led kind of set that you can put up in your room this is actually my brother’s room he loved this so basically it’s a 65 foot of like an led strip that is compatible with alexa

it has like music sync color changing lights that you can like put up along the wall you could do this for your living room or your bedroom i think kids would just like teenagers would love this gift so if you have someone like that that can sometimes be a little bit more tricky to find a gift that they’ll really like this is such a cool gift idea next up is this

6.passport cover and um like a luggage name carrier i have this up on my suitcase and like my dad and i split one i love these little name tags because

i would always like scribble my name down on those little like paper ones that you get right before you’re gonna check your bags and i was always scared that like it would fall off or get pulled off somehow so that’s why i really really like these next moving into one of my favorite


7.coffee mugs i love this one because it’s not just like your typical um yeti mug this one is by the brand swig i love that it has a handle it’s so easy to carry um and it keeps your drinks warm for so long it comes in probably every single pattern

this is a mug people are going to love it also has a no slip grip on the bottom which is another huge bonus i love it it has like a silicone slide too so it’s really good at keeping your drinks nice and hot or nice and cold next up is one the one i think out of this entire video that is over a hundred dollars

8.daniel wellington watch this is like their classic iconic link watch and i really like it my mother-in-law loves them too i think they’re just a really great thoughtful gift idea if you’re looking for someone who if you’re shopping for someone who loves jewelry and wants a really great piece of jewelry daniel wellington is a great option

i also can link some of my favorite designer like look for less pieces too i have some cartier favorite ones some david yermans i will have all of those linked if you’re interested in purchasing some of them but i wear these at daniel wellington watch i have this one and i have like the normal stainless steel one and they’re great watches moving on to some home decor favorites i have found some really great things from amazon recently

9.white vase i love this kind of asymmetrical type i actually um put some flowers on the top of it but i think this just looks like it’s straight from west elm it looks super just classy and expensive looking which they do run pretty pricey if you get them at like west elm or pottery barn and

i believe this one’s right around 20 and then also with these like little bees are really trendy right now and i believe these are around 12 or 13 but i kind of just put it together and i have it on a coffee table and i love the way that it looks next up is actually

10.white poof that i have in like the back of all i always get idea on it um you can get it at a few places but it is affordable on amazon and they have tons of different styles if you’re not looking for the typical white

i know they have more like square ones that would be just a really thoughtful gift that someone could just put like

11.airfryer cooker auto their living room beside their bed any place and it’s just gonna be the cutest little decor piece i use my airfryer every single day if not once every other two days it just makes chicken and vegetables like of that variety of meats and vegetables taste so much better i just cannot recommend it enough when i first got i was like i don’t know about this but after i’ve experimented with it

i put zucchini in it and it just gives it that like crispy more of like a fried taste i cook my chicken in it um burgers and things like that if i’m looking for something that’s a little bit more quick and less cleanup airfryer is such a good option

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